Weekend Farmer’s Market and CLICK


It is sometimes wonderful what a small change to routine can do isn’t it? This is in regards to our regular weekend grocery. We have been living in this area for a long time now and along with many things we are so used to our regular old super market. We do grocery there every weekend that we have developed familiarity and to great extent complacency.  But then familiarity also breeds contempt?


Anyway few weeks ago a new grocery opened in our area and we were planning to visit it ever since. We got the chance today and we were not disappointed. The grocery claims itself as a Farmer’s Market and has that old fashioned appeal to it.  It is not a huge super market but has that Farmer’s Market charm to it. Aroma of freshly baked breads and brewed coffee greeted us when we entered and that I think made a huge difference in our shopping experience.

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Strawberry and Cherry Preserves and Short Cake


Weekend afternoons is usually the time, when I find some time to do experimenting both with food as well as taking pictures. The little one is asleep and so gives me the “me-time” to do things without interruption. Of course, I take a short nap too, my small luxury and that helps me re-charge and try out things at a leisurely pace.


Late afternoon and early evening is also a time, when I start craving for something sweet along with a warm cup of tea. I enjoy having muffins, cookies, tea cakes rather than salty stuff along with tea.


So last week I was inspired by this idea of Cherry Short cake at Varsha’s blog here. I decided to give it a try with some work around and shortcut. Luckily I had some fresh Cherries and Strawberries that day and so decided to use them to make the Preserves.  


I was also feeling lazy to bake a cake and instead decided to use the store bought Sponge Cake Dessert Shells for this. Add the freshly prepared preserve into the Dessert Shell groove/well and voila there you have it, my version of Strawberry Cherry Short Cake, easy, light tasting, delicious and almost fat free.  


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Chana Daal Kheer ( Kadlebele Payasam/ Madgane)


I have had this post sitting in my draft for a long time now. I made this Kheer/Payasam a long time ago during Ugadi, but somehow never got around posting it.


 We love this traditional kheer (dessert) at home. It is called as “Madgane” in Konkani and as “Kadlebele Payasa” in Kannada. This does not use any milk/dairy and is usually prepared during major festivals, weddings, New Year etc. Traditionally this is served on a banana leaf along with the other goodies. It is thicker than the usual Kheer and savored in small quantities. I don’t remember eating this in bowlfuls.

 Here the Chana Daal is cooked either in a pressure cooker or on the stove top. The magic sets right in when coconut is mixed along with jaggery, cardamom powder and added to the cooked Chana Daal.

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