Pan Pole/ Neer Dosa and Batata Song (Spicy Potato in Tamarind Curry)


When Sia announced the RCI event as Udupi Mangalore, I was delighted. Being a Konkani and with family associations to South Kanara I can relate to that cuisine and the style of cooking. I did not want to miss the opportunity to cook and contribute to the event.


After thinking of so many different options I finally decided to make our family favorite “Pan Pole” and “Batata Song”. Also when I saw this on Arch’s blog, the craving for this became even stronger. If you are hearing the words for the first time, it may appear strange, but in essence these are just Dosas served along with Dry Potato Curry.


“Pan Pole” in Konkani is referred to as “Neer Dosa” in Kannada. These are soft, leafy thin Dosas made with just rice and coconut. Coconuts are used in plenty in Konkani style of cooking. It is not an Instant Dosa per se, as grinding is required for the batter; however no fermentation is required for this Dosa. This is served during breakfast along with chutney, coconut jaggery mixture or even Potato Curry that I made.


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Ridge Gourd Dill and Chana Daal Dry Fry (Beerakaya Fry)


Sometime last week, I was cleaning up the fridge closely inspecting the occupants there, when I noticed that the ridge gourd and Dill were the ones demanding immediate attention. When I bough the Ridge Gourd from the grocery I was planning on making these delicious bhajjis, but never got around making them.


So the other option for me was to make a quick curry from the Ridge Gourd. Now cooked Ridge Gourd by itself has a sweet taste to it and when paired with onions becomes even more sweeter. At home we are not fond of this taste, so I thought why not add the dill to ridge gourd and make a dry curry? Addition of dill and Chana Daal definitely off -sets that sweet taste and imparts its own flavor.


The idea for this curry came up on a need basis but we really liked the taste. Needless to say, this is a very easy and nutritious side dish that can be prepared in a jiffy.


Ridge Gourd is called as Turai or Tori in Hindi, Jhinga in Bengali, Beera kaya in Telugu, Heeray kayi in Kannada, peechinga in Malayalam, Dodaka or Ghosavala in Marathi, Peerkankaai in Tamil and Ghosale in Konkani.
Please note that Ridge Gourd is different from Bottle Gourd (Lauki)


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Chana Daal Kheer ( Kadlebele Payasam/ Madgane)


I have had this post sitting in my draft for a long time now. I made this Kheer/Payasam a long time ago during Ugadi, but somehow never got around posting it.


 We love this traditional kheer (dessert) at home. It is called as “Madgane” in Konkani and as “Kadlebele Payasa” in Kannada. This does not use any milk/dairy and is usually prepared during major festivals, weddings, New Year etc. Traditionally this is served on a banana leaf along with the other goodies. It is thicker than the usual Kheer and savored in small quantities. I don’t remember eating this in bowlfuls.

 Here the Chana Daal is cooked either in a pressure cooker or on the stove top. The magic sets right in when coconut is mixed along with jaggery, cardamom powder and added to the cooked Chana Daal.

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