Mixed Vegetable Kurma Recipe

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The best part of the day for me is when I am done with my work and driving back home from work. This is the time when I am done with the major grind of the day and can finally go home to my family. This is the time when I am away from the office, releases, deadlines, politics, people drama etc. This is the time when I am by myself away from the chatter, surrounded my music, in a closed environment, comfortable with just the right temperature, not too warm or too cold.

 As I go past the garage, my mind gets into this familiar routine of driving. Seeing the familiar roads, turns, buildings it is as if I am in the Auto-pilot mode. After all I have been driving on the same road for 6 years now.  My mind drifts away while my hands and feet know what to do and take control. As the thoughts about work fade away and with the rough edges of the pressure soothed by music, my mind among many things goes over the stuff in the fridge, pantry and comes up with a plan and what to cook for dinner.

There are days when a good idea comes by that are quick, delicious and nutritious and cannot wait to go home to try it. During one of those good days I had this idea of making Mixed Vegetable Kurma.

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Mango Curry/ Ambya Sasam

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When life gives you crate of mangoes, what do you do? Well, for starters you eat them as fast as you can and with whatever is remaining you make either Mango Jam, Mango Shrikhand, Mango Milkshake or this quick and easy Mango Curry :-). 

Fresh, juicy and luscious mangoes are making their appearance in the groceries here. One look at the mangoes and it appeared as if they were calling our names and pleading us to take them with themJ. So we wasted no time in buying a crate of these and we have been relishing them ever since. 

Even though we do not get the varieties that we usually get in India, we are not complaining. And why so, you ask? Well because the only option to fresh mangoes is the canned Mango Pulp that is loaded with citric acid and sugar. So these fresh ones are way better than the flavorless pulp, right? The variety that we get here in the US (at least in the place where we live) are called the Ataulfo Mangoes. 

Being the typical Konkani family, we swear by our coconuts and of course mangoes. There is nothing that spells comfort like the combination of mango in coconut masala; hence the dish Mango curry. ‘Ambo/Ambya’ is Konkani word for Mango and ‘sasam’ is mustard. If you have not tasted this before and or have some inhibitions about the addition of fruit in a curry then please do not hesitate. The sweet taste mangoes, complements the spicy and tangy flavors of the coconut paste. Do give it a try once and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Easy Lobia Curry Recipe

What better way to get over the hump day that to announce a prelude to a giveaway? While working on this post, I was contacted by the team from CSN Stores to see if I was interested in doing a giveaway at my blog and boy was I thrilled that I agreed to do it right away.

If you have not already visited CSN Stores then I strongly recommend doing so. They have about 200 online stores and over 1 Million products! It took me hours going through their website. Need some cookware collection or children’s furniture they have it and that too with tons of options. Or maybe you are looking for lighting options? They have everything from hanging lights, regular lighting fixtures, recessed lighting to lamps! Do check them out.

The actual giveaway will follow soon, so stay tuned and don’t forget to check back here.

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