Konkani Patholi/ Arasina Yele Kadabu/ Sweet Dumpling Steamed in Turmeric Leaves Step by Step Recipe

patoli 011

Patholi (in Konkani) is a traditional dessert made during festivals or special occasions. Dumpling made of rice flour is stuffed with coconut jaggery mixture and steamed in turmeric eaves. The key component while making this are the special turmeric leaves. The flavor of the turmeric leaf is infused into the patholi while it is steaming, giving the dish a flavorful aroma.  

As I understand it is referred to as Hoorulu kadabu or Arasina Yele kadabu in Kannada and Ilayada in Malayalam. This is not to be confused with the crumbled daal curry referred to as Patoli or Usli in South Indian homes.

Kadabu/patholi is considered a favorite of Lord Ganapathi and it is therefore prepared that day along with plethora of other delicious traditional items.  

This special dish was prepared when we were in India (of course). We landed on the day of Gowri/ Ganesha Pooja celebrations and got to be part of the festivities. Imagine the joy in our hearts that day! We not only got to see our parents and family, we got to be part of a festival and of course most importantly we got to eat foods that are not available here or difficult to make here.

I know this is a long recipe and the process is time consuming as well. First the coconut mixture needs to be prepared, followed by rice flour dough. This needs to be applied to turmeric leaves and then steamed. But trust me the effort is worth every bit of it. The taste and the heavenly aroma when you bite into it is totally indescribable.

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Dry Baingan Masala Curry/ Brinjal Podi


Remember the Masala powder that we made earlier? Most of the time we have been eating it along with warm rice, salt and oil. But then we had some Thai eggplants sitting in the fridge and so I used the powder to make this quick and simple dry Brinjal curry.

This powder pairs well with brinjal/eggplant. The aromatic powder gives good flavor to the cooked brinjal. Other vegetables that can be used are beans, carrots, cabbage and of course potatoes. My MIL reminded me that this is referred to as Kuttida Palya in Kannada.

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Mixed Vegetable Kurma Recipe

vegeable_kurma 012

The best part of the day for me is when I am done with my work and driving back home from work. This is the time when I am done with the major grind of the day and can finally go home to my family. This is the time when I am away from the office, releases, deadlines, politics, people drama etc. This is the time when I am by myself away from the chatter, surrounded my music, in a closed environment, comfortable with just the right temperature, not too warm or too cold.

 As I go past the garage, my mind gets into this familiar routine of driving. Seeing the familiar roads, turns, buildings it is as if I am in the Auto-pilot mode. After all I have been driving on the same road for 6 years now.  My mind drifts away while my hands and feet know what to do and take control. As the thoughts about work fade away and with the rough edges of the pressure soothed by music, my mind among many things goes over the stuff in the fridge, pantry and comes up with a plan and what to cook for dinner.

There are days when a good idea comes by that are quick, delicious and nutritious and cannot wait to go home to try it. During one of those good days I had this idea of making Mixed Vegetable Kurma.

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