Pan Pole/ Neer Dosa and Batata Song (Spicy Potato in Tamarind Curry)


When Sia announced the RCI event as Udupi Mangalore, I was delighted. Being a Konkani and with family associations to South Kanara I can relate to that cuisine and the style of cooking. I did not want to miss the opportunity to cook and contribute to the event.


After thinking of so many different options I finally decided to make our family favorite “Pan Pole” and “Batata Song”. Also when I saw this on Arch’s blog, the craving for this became even stronger. If you are hearing the words for the first time, it may appear strange, but in essence these are just Dosas served along with Dry Potato Curry.


“Pan Pole” in Konkani is referred to as “Neer Dosa” in Kannada. These are soft, leafy thin Dosas made with just rice and coconut. Coconuts are used in plenty in Konkani style of cooking. It is not an Instant Dosa per se, as grinding is required for the batter; however no fermentation is required for this Dosa. This is served during breakfast along with chutney, coconut jaggery mixture or even Potato Curry that I made.


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Instant Dosa



In our family we are totally biased towards the regular Urad Dosa. Hands down, we would prefer it any day, any time over the Instant Dosas, Rava Dosas etc. Even though making the urad dosa is not hard, preparing the batter is time consuming which requires prep work of grinding and time for fermentation. But when prepared it is worth every bit of time. But when time is the constraint then these easy instant Dosas that require no fermentation or grinding fill the void.


Knowing that I am hard pressed for time during the weekdays; my parents usually send me quick and easy recipe ideas whenever they find one. My mother collects these from friends, TV shows or concocts something on her own. So this Dosa recipe was sent by them. The recipe that she had sent called for tomatoes and wheat flour. I changed it a little bit to suit the taste and requirement of DS.


Some days I prepare this dosa for my son after coming back form work.  After coming back, I check his lunch box and there are days when he has hardly finished his lunch.  Those are the days when he is super cranky and stubborn; that is when he requires some ‘fuel’ to calm him up.  Instead of giving chips, crackers, cookies etc I quickly whip this up and feed the little one. I sometimes also make it during weekends as quick snack or as breakfast. I refer to this as “Jiffy Dosa” while serving my 3 year old. He thinks of it as some fancy Dosa and so far seems to have taken a liking towards it.


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